Stemar s.r.l. boasts twenty-year  experience  in the wholesale fabric in stock, with a high import and export specialization.
The company, property of the Brothers Panerai, is located in Prato, city emblem tradition in the textile industry.
Our fabrics store covers an area of about 7000 square meters,where, for various types, it contains approximately 8,000,000 meters of fabrics well ordered and divided between them. So it is more easy to see and choose the fabrics.
Nowadays Stemar has become a major competitor in fabrics stock and wholesale field, in Europe and in all of the world.
It is addressed not only to the italian market but to a plurality of world markets such as Eastern Europe, Latin America and the countries of Africa and Asia. Objective of brothers Mario and Stefano Panerai is to offer the most extensive range of fabrics to meet the needs of the customer, with particular attention to the relationship between price and quality.
Many people visit Stemar and choose personally the fabrics. Our sales occur directly in our store, giving way for customers to be able to touch and choose different types of fabrics, offering them an excellent service.

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